SEPTEMBER 5-7, 2024


Exhibitor Self Move-in

Tuesday, September 3, 8am-6pm and Wednesday, September 4, 8am-6pm
(Exhibitors can stay on Wednesday until 8pm if needed, no in/out after 6pm)

Things to consider as you plan your move-in.


Self-Unloading Policy

A Privately Owned Vehicle (POVs) can be defined as cars, small trucks, ½ ton pick-ups, SUVs or company owned trucks (smaller than 24’ in length).

Self-Unloading Service is for exhibitors who can unload their booth materials using ONLY a 2-wheel dolly or hand-carry in 30 minutes or less.

No 4-wheel dollies or Pallet Jacks can be used at the self-unloading area.

No vehicle may be left unattended at any time in the unloading area. Vehicles may not occupy a ramp for longer than 30 minutes. All vehicles will receive a time stamp upon arrival to the OCCC. Vehicles will be monitored to ensure they are removed within the 30-minute time frame.

Items Not permitted for Hand-Carry

  • Crates on wheels
  • Anything motorized
  • Fiber cases, boxes or materials stacked on a dolly that could be a safety hazard
  • Large pieces of equipment or product that require multiple people to move
  • Anything that would potentially block the doors into the hall to move-in

For safety purposes, Freeman personnel must handle freight that is too large or heavy. In this occurrence vehicles carrying freight of this nature will be required to utilize Freeman’s cart load service.

Workers equipped with a flat bed scooter will assist exhibitor with unloading. Each cart will handle approximately 3’wide x 4’ long x 3’ high. Freight must not exceed 300 lbs. For safety reasons, it will be the judgement of the freight supervisor if the load can go higher than 3’. Cart service includes storage of empty cardboard/product boxes at no additional charge. Empty stickers for your cartons and cases will be provided for this service.
The service is available at a one-way trip rate of $78.25 per trip straight time and $93.50 per trip for overtime. (from the dock to the booth or the booth to the dock).

Contact your Sales Manager or Anne Martin with any questions.

We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you!