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THE BOARD PRESS: Our Industry’s Action Sports News

We are very excited to announce the launch of The Board Press, a bi-annual action sports news magazine along with a website stuffed full of exclusive online features and news stories. The premiere issue of The Board Press will launch at Agenda, SIA, KNOWSHOW and Surf Expo in January 2015 and ship to thousands of retailers and vendors across North America.

Why? Well, our purpose is to provide accurate, useful and time sensitive action sports news while also offering insightful interviews and stories that explore the hardcore economic realities of our industry. We also taking time to spotlight the inspiring and … well, let’s say “colorful people” that make our jobs so unique. When the industry is firing on all cylinders, there’s a ton of creativity, ingenuity and irreverence blasting out of the tailpipe.

Founder and managing editor, Mike Prangnell has spent the majority of his life working in action sports (Yup, he’s old … like in his 40s!). Most recently Mike held the title of editor atSBC Business Magazine and associate editor at SBC Skateboard Magazine.

“I want to delivery practical, meaningful news while at the same time making it relatable and useful,” Explains Prangnell.

Sean Mortimer, another seasoned [old] writer for Transworld Skateboarding, SkateBoarder, Transworld Business, SBC Business, Concrete, and co-author of the Tony Hawks and Rodney Mullen’s biographies. Sean will be joining as Editor-At-Large.

“All this scribbling provides the perfect excuse to remain connected to my favorite activities,” Mortimer says. “And tell my wife that I’m ‘working’ when I go skateboarding.”

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