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The 2015 Ski with the Legends Event Expands to the Midwest

The USA Water Ski Foundation’s “Ski with the Legends” (SWTL) program is once again taking it to the next level.  The popular fundraising event – that allows every day skiers a chance to get on the water with and get coached by the greatest legends in the sport – is expanding to the Midwest in 2015 and will now include 3-event skiing, barefooting and show skiing.

Last year some of the most celebrated names in water ski history joined together on the East and West coasts creating an unforgettable experience for all lucky participants. The addition of our wonderful barefooting legends and friends at the World Barefoot center has added a great new dimension to the event.  This year, the 2015 event will grow even bigger as SWTL now expands to the Midwest region and welcomes the show skiing legends.

The Midwest host site will be the world renowned Tommy Bartlett Show Ski site in the Wisconsin Dells.  This spirit and enthusiasm of Tommy Bartlett, one of the most celebrated show ski legends of all time, will surely be felt at this event.  We encourage all Show skiers and water ski enthusiasts in the Midwest region to take part in this incredible event at Tommy Bartlett’s from August 29th -30th.

Skiers on the West coast can take part in the Legends event at Crystal Point Estates in Gilbert, Arizona from October 10th -11th.  Those on the East coast can take part in events at the Water Ski Hall of Fame, Lake Silver and the World Barefoot Center the weekend of October 17th -18th .

Every year, the event draws an All Star list of top name water ski stars.  The event includes ski set up and fin tuning discussions, coaching by the legends, boat driving tips, lunch and dinner reception, an extensive silent and live auction featuring a mix of top level ski equipment and rare collectibles, along with special promotions, prizes, awards, contests and photo opportunities with the stars.

Headlining the 2015 Ski with the Legends events are legends Scotty Clack, Wade Cox, Sammy Duvall, Skip Gilkerson, Bob LaPoint, Kris & Jennifer LaPoint, Lucky Lowe, Ricky McCormick, Lynn Novakofski, Cheryl Orloff, Kristi Overton-Johnson, Dave Reinhart, Carl Roberge, Jeff Rodgers, Mike Scarpa, Mike Seiple, Chuck Stearns, Mike Suyderhoud and many more super stars from the sport.

Get on the water with them as they coach, share advice, strategies and tricks that helped make them the best of the best.  By its very nature, the event creates a reunion-like atmosphere for the skiers and participants; so even if you are not skiing, come join in all the fun festivities.

“This event really demonstrates how the great legends of the sport are all about giving back,” says USA-WSF Executive Director Tracy Mattes.  “They really take the time to create a very personal and special experience for the participants.  That experience is what brings people back and continues to reach out and get new people involved and excited about our sport.”

Whether you are on the East Coast, West Coast or Midwest, the great legends of our sport from will create an experience you will never forget. You don’t want to miss the 2015 Ski with the Legends.

Registration is now open for Ski with the Legends East Coast, Ski with the Legends West Coast, Ski with the Legends Barefoot, and Ski with the Legends Midwest.

For registration, dates, and more information on the events, click here.