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Surfing Heritage and Culture Center Announces Honorees for “Ohana Gala” 2018 Annual Event Honors “Women Making Waves”

San Clemente, CA—2nd May 2018– The Surfing Heritage and Culture Center is proud to announce its 2018 “Ohana Gala”, an annual event established to honor the men and women who have played pivotal roles in shaping the sport and culture of surfing.

This years event will highlight the careers and contributions of four legendary women under the banner of  “Women Making Waves.”

2018 honoree’s
Lifetime Achievement award – Rell Sunn – first female lifeguard in Hawaii, World Champion that represented and promoted Women surfers. Educator, dancer, contest organizer and director, Soulful, ripper, giver, “the Heart the Sea”, “Queen of Makaha”.
Making Waves Award  – Joyce Hoffman – World Champion, with a long list of US and World titles. Obsessed with competition. Life magazine cover and named  “Woman of the Year” by the LA Times. The most popular woman surfer of the 1960’s decade.
Making Waves  – Lisa Andersen – World Champ 4 consecutive years 1994 – 97. With Roxy, helped create todays wave of female role models, World Champion, cover of Surfer Magazine “ Lisa surfs better than you”. made being a girl surfer super cool.
Making Waves  – Steph Gilmore – Perennially positive 6 time World, 3 time Triple Crown champion. Gilmore struggled back from a brutal attack and broken wrist in 2010. Tall, strong and gifted with equal parts strength and fluidity, Steph has inspired another generation of women to embrace strength as femininity. Still competing and in the top 10 on the WSL CT.
“We are stoked that this years “Ohana Gala” will honor three women making up the inaugural “Making Waves” honorees as well as induct the first woman to the “SHACC Lifetime achievement awards currently held by Bruce Brown and Cecil Lear”. said Glenn Brumage, Executive Director of SHACC in making the announcement. “Ohana, the Hawaiian word for family, exemplifies how we feel about our worldwide surfing community, and this event highlights some of the amazing things ahead for SHACC” he concluded.

In conjunction with the Ohana Gala, the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center’s next exhibit will be an in-depth look at “Women Making Waves.” It will give context and background to our honorees concurrent to our Ohana Gala. The exhibit premiere will be on June 2nd at Surfing Heritage and Culture Center and will be featured in the Croul Family Gallery.

In addition to curations and stories of each honoree’s accomplishments, will have a photo collage honoring those women who will be recipients of future “Making Waves” awards.

For more information, or contact Glenn Brumage, (949) 388-0313

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