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Surf Expo Casts A Wide-Net with Bluewater This September

ORLANDO, Fla., April 22, 2018 — Surf Expo – known as the king tide in global watersports and coastal lifestyle trade shows – launched its Bluewater exhibitor category in January 2018, touting access to all things inshore, offshore, boating, and everything that has to do with coastal lifestyle. Media and buyers alike can now gain access at the 2019 Surf Expo – Bluewater, happening in Orlando, Florida from September 5 to 7, 2019. Registration opens today, April 22 for media and buyers; reserve your spot at the 2019 show before it’s too late.

“Maximizing your time and exposure with the right target audience is the name of the game in 2019,” stated Roy Turner, Surf Expo Show Director. “Our show offers attendees the opportunity to gain access to all things coastal; not just what is happening at the water’s edge but everything from out on the open water to the bonfire at the end of your day – it’s the outdoors, and the coastal lifestyle.”

To help showcase this evolution of consumer interest across the coastal lifestyle, Surf Expo –Bluewater caters to inshore and offshore apparel and accessory companies, and inspired by like-minded watersports brands. Bluewater connects to the waterman lifestyle that has always been a part of Surf Expo’s DNA, and is a perfect complement to Surf Expo’s existing floor categories.

“More and more, we are seeing consumers align themselves as watermen, where they enjoy doing anything on the water, whether it’s surfing, fishing or any watersport,” said Kenneth Andres, Surf Expo watersports category manager for the Wake, Wind, Paddle and Bluewater sections. “With this evolution, your traditional surfers and traditional fishermen are discovering new clothing, accessories and gear that fit their lifestyle.”

The Bluewater category continues to grow, with well-known brands participating, including Salt Life, Heybo, HUK, Hell’s Bay Boatworks, Bimini Bay, AFTCO, Wave Life, Marsh Wear, 5Fin Clothing, Guy Harvey, Fish Hippie, Flood Tide Co., Hooked Soul, YETI Coolers and many more.

The buyer-focused grouping of brands features inshore and offshore apparel and accessory products ranging from lifestyle and technical apparel to footwear, outerwear, sportswear, t-shirts, sunglasses, outdoor apparel and much more.

Bluewater is centrally located on Surf Expo’s show floor bordered by the Paddle, Surf and Boutique categories offering crossover opportunities for buyers and sellers alike.

About Bluewater at Surf Expo:

Bluewater, the newest category within Surf Expo, is devoted to the waterman lifestyle, showcasing distinguished inshore and offshore brands that are celebrated from the saltwater to the sand and surf. Featured products range from performance and lifestyle apparel to outerwear, sportswear, footwear, accessories, gear and more.

Launched in January 2018, the new Bluewater category puts a spotlight on outdoor brands that have always been a part of Surf Expo’s DNA, bringing the show’s coastal lifestyle marketplace full circle.

Centrally located on the expo floor, the Bluewater category’s exhibit area borders those of the Paddle and Surf categories to make a seamless connection between Bluewater brands and related show categories. Blending the inshore and offshore worlds under Surf Expo’s one roof exposes buyers and sellers to this growing crossover market within the coastal lifestyle industry.


Exhibitor Contact:
Kenneth Andres, Surf Expo
(678) 781-7958

Media Contact:
Erin Heaney, TBA Outdoors
(843) 916-2000 o | (843) 995-1322 c