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Outdoor Tech® Unleashes Waterproof Kodiak Portable Power Bank

Los Angeles, CA – Fully waterproof and shockproof to the elements, Outdoor Tech’s all-new Kodiak (SRP $49.95) is the portable rugged power bank made for any environment. Whatever small device you have is quickly and easily charged by the mighty 2.1 Amp output and huge 6000 milliamps of battery power, all while being small and lightweight for travel.

Kodiak bears are tough as hell and thick skinned – something Outdoor Tech® took into account during the design process of this power bank. Outfitted with impact silicone that protects it from drops, the IP67 dust and waterproof rating allows the Kodiak to be submersed up to three feet underwater for 30 minutes. Unleash the huge 6000 milliamps of power to charge your tablet, phone, POV camera, e-reader, wireless headphones, GPS, or even your rechargeable electric water gun. Basically whatever small device you have is quickly and easily charged. And as all animals of the ursine variety need to feed from time to time, the 9.4 oz. Kodiak tells you when it’s “hungry.” Conveniently accessible at all times is the battery level indicator button. Just push it and the power level indicator lights up to show you how much juice you have left.

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