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Locomotiv at Surf Expo

Locomotiv, LLC is proud to announce the first attendance of Surf Expo as part of the exciting inaugural year of business! Locomotiv features an array of customized longboards that gives each of our riders a unique experience.

“My favourite board ever!” said recent rider, Zoey Vagner. She continued, “It carves down a hill like no other…” These are the types of responses that are all too common from Locomotiv customers. Another rider, Louise Maurisset from California recently posted on Instagram, “In love with it already, smoothest ride ever.”

Although there are many companies that produce longboards, Locomotiv intends to deliver a unique riding experience because we understand that each of our riders are unique as individuals. Locomotiv provides this experience through crafting entirely American-made boards that utilize highest quality domestic woods, top-of-the-line trucks and wheels, and engraved grips that negate the use of tape.

Locomotiv, LLC is locally-owned and headquartered in Charleston, SC, and conducts business in the United States as well as internationally.