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JETTY Rising Tides Retailer Rescue Mission: 100% of Profits donated to our Retailers

March 26, Manahawin NJ: We have been a part of the surf & outdoor community for 18 years, and as individuals, we have loved the water for our entire lives. We’ve built our lives and our brand around the water. Whether we are surfing on it, diving through it, or sailing across it, water is a part of our DNA.

Each of us grew up around retail shops that supplied the tools and equipment to connect us to our passions: surfing, hiking, fishing, boating, etc. The boards, rods, reels, supplies, and apparel are central to our coastal lifestyle.

Jetty has built rock-solid relationships with brick-and-mortar retailers that both sides rely on. In this time of crisis with curfews, shut-downs, and economic uncertainty, Jetty is stepping up to help our retail partners weather the storm.

So, in addition to the Retailer Kickback Program announced last week that sends 10% of Jetty’s Net Profits from online sales back to retailers in the zip code where that sale came from, we are excited to announce Phase 2 of our Retailer Relief Program.

Manufacturing isn’t shut down in NJ, so we can continue printing tees with a skeleton crew. This means we are taking the opportunity to print a relief tee where 100% of net profits will go back to our retailers.


100% of profits from the sale of the JETTY RISING TIDES TEE, and the JETTY RISING TIDES HOODIE, and all associated RISING TIDES ACCESSORIES will go to the JETTY retailer of YOUR choice.

The Process is simple: when going through the checkout process, you will find a drop-down menu where it will ask which Jetty Retailer you would like your donation to go. Just like with the 10% Kickback program, when businesses are allowed to reopen, and we’re getting back to normal life, we’ll run the report and delegate the appropriate funds per account. (*you must be a Jetty dealer to participate in the program currently)

We’re really excited about this initiative, and it’s potential to actually produce a measurable effect on all of us. We hope all of our retailers feel the same, see its potential to help them, and share the assets with their network.

We look forward to returning to business as usual as soon as possible, but in the meantime, we’re stoked to be able to use our facilities to help our friends in a time of crisis.

Stay safe, positive, and get outside.

The Jetty Family