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Hobie Surfboards to Collaborate with Shaper, Timmy Patterson, on a Limited Edition Line of Surfboards

San Juan Capistrano, California – Timmy Patterson, a second generation surfboard shaper, has a bloodline that dates to the very first days of the “Surf Industry “in the 1950’s. His boards, made in the legendary San Clemente Surf Ghetto under the T.Patterson Surfboard’s label, are found under the feet of some of the world’s surfing heavy hitters. Having started his shaping career in the early 80’s at the Hobie Surfboard’s Factory, it was only fitting when Hobie decided to do a few limited edition collaborations, that Timmy would be first on a very short list of names to consider.

His father, Ronald, and his uncles, Robert and Raymond, moved to California from their native Hawaii in the 50‘s to work in the surfboard building industry. All ended up living in Dana Point and working in the Hobie Surfboard’s factory, becoming masters of the art. Timmy grew up in and around the factory. Honing his craft from an early age at the feet of legends, he learned from and looked up to iconic craftsmen and surfers like Terry Martin, Dale Velzy, Hobie Alter, Phil Edwards, Ben Aipa, Terry Senate, Randy Sleigh, Mike Hynson, Butch Van Artsdalen, and Joey Cabell.

By 1995 Timmy Patterson, was not only a very successful shaper, he was also opening up his own in house glass shop to go along with his successful label. To this day his shop has always focused on high quality, hand finished, high performance surfboards. As the industry moves more toward computer aided design, Timmy will still be found spending the majority of his time in the shaping bay and not in front of a screen. This doesn’t make him a throwback; this makes him one of the very best surfboard builders on the planet. It’s our privilege to work with him and to collaborate on this project.

See the T.Patterson for Hobie surfboards debut at The Boardroom Show May 14th & 15th in Del Mar California.

-Tracey Engelking