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Freestyle Signs Skimboard Innovator and XXL Nominee Brad Domke

COSTA MESA, Calif., April 30, 2015 – Freestyle is pleased to announce the addition of professional skimboarder and WSL XXL “Wave of the Year” nominee Brad Domke to its roster of elite athletes. Domke, who has risen to fame by riding impossible big waves on a finless skimboard, joins professional surfers Cory Lopez, Luke Davis and Sage Erickson on Team Freestyle. Hailing from Florida’s west coast, he’s also an accomplished surfer, wakeboarder and skateboarder.

“Not only is Brad a talent in the water, he’s also a colorful character on land and a perfect fit for the Freestyle vibe,” said Freestyle Brand Manager Chad LaBass. “We are thrilled to bring such a versatile and innovative athlete to the Freestyle family.”

In July of 2014, Domke grabbed the world’s attention: successfully towing into a massive wave on the largest day of the year at Puerto Escondido, Mexico. He was riding nothing more than a finless skimboard when he paddled out, without a life vest, and was towed into the beast of a wave. He successfully negotiated the drop, got barreled and made the wave to the astonishment of onlookers, earning himself mad respect, as well as the XXL nomination.

He followed up his Mexico exploits with a trip to Western Australia where he proved his abilities once again and earned more accolades by towing into some of Australia’s most infamous slabs on his finless skim. His Instagram following now exceeds 33,000 followers including iconic innovators Kelly Slater and Tony Hawk.

“I like to ride my skim, in the barrel, I can set my edge and just get that much deeper, with less drag,” said Domke. “I am super stoked to join Team Freestyle. Their watches are sick and able to withstand the constant punishment I give them on almost a daily basis! Yew!”Domke is currently in the process of launching a new Reality TV Series with the same producers that produce current World Champ and recent Time (Top 100) icon, Gabriel Medina’s show in Brazil. The production crew will film Brad during the XXL Awards Ceremony on May 1st in Southern California and will continue to follow Brad around the globe as he chases waves of consequence and continues to blow minds.

Look for Brad Domke @brad_domke and Freestyle @Freestyle_Watch on Instagram.

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