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Bixpy brings water propulsion technology to water sports enthusiasts

Bixpy uses the latest in lithium battery and motor technology to add hours of whisper-quiet, efficient and maintenance free enjoyment to a variety of water sports

San Diego-based company, Bixpy LLC, has created the world’s smallest and lightest modular water jet propulsion system, designed to motorize virtually any personal water activity. The Bixpy Jet is about the size of a 1-liter bottle of water and weighs about 2 lb but, it is strong enough to push a 240-pound kayak with two adults against ocean tides and winds. The thruster uses a variety of power packs and mounting adapters to allow kayakers, paddlers, divers, and snorkelers boost their water activities.

Even before the company had the jets in stock, Bixpy made quite a splash in the world of Blue Technology, selling more than 300 units in a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and through Bixpy’s website. Since the company began stocking its jets in November 2017, more than 2,000 units have been sold and its summer inventory for this year was sold out in a few weeks. In less than a year of launching, Bixpy has expanded its presence with dealers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

The CEO, Houman Nikmanesh hopes that the Bixpy Jets will provide more avenues for people to enjoy water sports, such as those who can’t paddle long distances or aren’t strong swimmers. “It opens up many options to people who normally can’t get out there and also assists those who want to spend more time in the water,” says.

Bixpy has been improving its products and developing new and creative ways to attach Bixpy Jets to different watercrafts. One of the biggest promises of this summer is the Universal Rudder Jet for kayaks, which offers foot pedal or hand steering options. It is designed specifically to allow the attachment of the Bixpy Jet onto the rudder of most kayaks that have a 10mm pin hole for a rudder.

The full line of Bixpy products, adapters and accessories is available at The company will be displaying the Bixpy Jets at Surf Expo 2018 at booth #1748 and will offer special deals during the show.

About Bixpy
The Bixpy Jet is an electric water-jet propulsion system, designed to attach to virtually anything that needs a motorized boost in water. Water sports enthusiasts can attach a Bixpy Jet to a kayak, stand-up paddleboard or even hold one underwater as a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) to boost their snorkeling or scuba diving adventures. Owning a Bixpy Jet will make many adventures accessible to new users and give experienced users a way to explore new places and a less strenuous way to get home.

Since 2016, Bixpy has been in the sporting goods business bringing one of the most innovative and technologically advanced water propulsion system of its kind. From its headquarters in San Diego, California, Bixpy manufactures, distributes and markets this powerful, whisper-quiet, zero-emission and maintenance free water-jet to customers worldwide. Bixpy’s products include an ever-expanding line of adapters for kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, inflatable crafts plus a complementary array of accessories.