Watersports at Surf Expo

Surf Expo is the biggest surfing and action sports trade show event in the world. Successful surf shops, watersports and outdoor sporting goods stores, as well as a wide range of surf industry retailers know that in order to keep customers coming back season after season, they need to create a compelling merchandise mix featuring a well-curated selection of stylish surf and streetwear brands for men, women and kids, top-quality wetsuits and rash guards, surfboards, surf lifestyle apparel and accessories, swimwear, footwear, activewear, sunglasses and sun protection products.  

This is THE marketplace for retailers to stock their shelves for adventures on or near the water and find the gear and goods to keep customers coming back for more. Whether it’s surfing, paddling, fishing, hiking, camping on the beach, wake surfing, tubing or simply soaking up the sun, Surf Expo has everything you need to cater to customers with a passion for waterborne thrills or a passion for outdoor adventure and exploration by the shoreline. Find everything you need to enjoy the water – salt, fresh, in, on or near! 

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Surf Expo is your must-attend market.

  • Cultural Influence: Surf and outdoor brands are not just about selling products; they represent a lifestyle. Many surf brands have a rich history and heritage deeply rooted in the surfing culture. Their logos, designs, and marketing campaigns often reflect the laid-back, adventurous spirit of surfing. 
  • Quality Gear: Surfing demands specialized equipment, from high-performance surfboards to durable wetsuits. Surf brands are known for their commitment to quality and innovation, continually refining their products to meet the needs of surfers at all skill levels. 
  • Fashion and Style: Surf brands extend beyond the waves, influencing fashion trends both on and off the beach. Their clothing lines often blend surf-inspired designs with urban streetwear, appealing to a wide audience. 
  • Community and Identity: A community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for surfing and beach culture. These brands foster a sense of identity and camaraderie among surfers and watermen worldwide. 
  • Retail Experience: Surf shops and outdoor sporting goods stores rely on surf brands to attract customers and keep them coming back. By offering a diverse selection of surf and streetwear brands, along with essential gear, retailers can cater to the needs of surf enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. 
  • Innovation and Sustainability: Many surf brands are at the forefront of innovation, developing eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices to reduce their environmental impact. By promoting sustainability, these brands help preserve the oceans and beaches that surfers cherish. 

Discover trend-setting products and top surf, outdoor and streetwear apparel, fishing apparel and accessories, premium coastal lifestyle brands, surf boards, surf wear, sunglasses, skateboards, skate accessories, paddle boards and equipment, bathing suits, boardshorts, flip flops and beach essentials all under one roof.  

Surf Expo’s show floor is organized by product category with complementing cross-selling categories in adjacent aisles making it easy for retailers to navigate so you can easily discover the newest brands and products in person, all while making purchasing decisions.  

No matter what the market category, Surf Expo is your one-stop marketplace for the latest products and hottest trends.

It’s the category that launched Surf Expo, the surfing industry’s oldest and largest tradeshow. Featuring hard goods, wetsuits, boardshorts, accessories, sunglasses and sun protection products along with footwear and apparel from established industry favorites and up-and-coming brands. Explore the latest trends and innovations across the surf, skate and outdoor industries.

Combining elements of boating, fishing, wake surfing, paddling and tubing along with passion for adventure and exploration on land through hiking, camping and climbing. Shoreline at Surf Expo is the hub for brands that specialize in inshore and offshore apparel and accessory products; sportswear, technical apparel and gear, footwear, outerwear and watersports hardgoods as well as games and accessories enthusiasts need to transition from a day on the water to stretching out on land. Centrally located adjacent to the Surf and Boutique categories, offering crossover opportunities for buyers and sellers alike.

Paddle sports, including SUP, Kayak and Canoe, is among the largest growing watersport category. On oceans, rivers and lakes for the vacationing tourist, the fitness and yoga enthusiast and adrenaline junkies as well. Featuring the newest trends and innovative designs in boards, paddles, fins and accessories.

Skate at Surf Expo includes completes, long and shortboard decks, cruisers, trucks, wheels, protective gear and accessories along with apparel. Discover the latest trends and innovations in surfskate and explore the brands leading skate culture.

“At Surf Expo you spend time talking to like-minded people from all parts of the retail sector and all areas of the world, while sharing insight into what we all see in the marketplace. If you don’t interact with industry types, hang out, listen, chat and share ideas, how can you move forward and stay competitive?”

Jim Archibald – Owner, Archie’s Surf Shop 

“Many thanks to your crew that put on an energetic Surf Expo every year! We were able to pick up about 10 new lines for our stores in Hyannis, MA and Cape Coral, FL."

David & Sheila Stagman, Islands 

“I found a great mix of surf, boutique, swim, and novelty brands. I was also happy to connect with my peers and the management teams of brands that we sell at Surf Diva Surf Shop.”

Coco Tihanyi, President and Co-owner of Surf Diva Inc.

“Since my first Surf Expo in 1990, I've seen how it consistently fosters a unique blend of professional development and community engagement. Surf Expo is a testament to how we can integrate work, play, and celebration into a cohesive community experience.”

D Nachnani, President, Coastal Edge

“We had a great show and were excited about the new lines we picked up. We were able to order for the entire season! I’m putting so much positive input out there about the show!

Kathleen Engstrom, Montauk T-shirts

“As first-time attendees we didn't know what to expect beyond a strong recommendation to attend from a supplier. The show was exactly what we needed to take our new shop to the next level with the merchandise and the brands we wanted to stock.”

Chris & Chrissie McCotter, Lake Anna Outfitters, Virginia

“We were thoroughly impressed by the quality of exhibitors and the overall atmosphere. Being able to meet with and start placing orders with vendors is invaluable to us. We were able to make contacts for basically everything we needed for the upcoming season. We look forward to attending future expos, and this will be part of our buying structure for our marina stores.”

Josalyn Claussen, Blue Harbor Management, TX

“Surf Expo has a unique perspective not available at other shows. I was able to find several new vendors that I had not seen before, and I placed orders with them.”

Sheila Wewers, Associate Director of Retail Operations – Como Friends

“Surf Expo was extremely productive for the company. I met a new supplier for products we had been looking for a long time.”

Yovanni De Brito e Cunha, Galley Bay Resort & Palm Island Grenadines